Friday Playlist: I Belong With Me

Songs about embracing your own other-ness.

what albums have been on rotation during the LVL UP tour? : )))

Oooooo good Q…

Sun Kil Moon - Benji

Stephen Steinbrink - Arranged Waves

Eskimeaux - (unreleased awesome thing that we have) :}

Liam The Younger - The Cover of Hunter

Hey tumblr people! Us LVL UP / DDW fellows hit a little snag on our US tour today. We are very sad to say that we are broken down in Oregon for the next few days, and we are forced to skip out on our next few shows with Big Ups in Seattle, Portland and maybe San Francisco.

If you’ve got any change to spare, we’ve decided to post the new record, “Hoodwink’d” on Bandcamp for ‘pay what you want’! Thank you so much for your support, hope to be back on the road sooner rather than later!

Download LVL UP “Hoodwink’d” on Bandcamp now.

Hi double double whammy, I want to order the Zentropy vinyl, do you post to the UK? and how much would shipping be?

International shipping has been halted temporarily! Sorry for the inconvenience. We will begin shipping abroad in mid-November when we get back from tour with LVL UP. Again, our apologies!


Frankie & Eskimeaux last night

2 great humans :)


Mitski playing a wildly emotional set last night at the Silent Barn with LVL UP.



when i don’t know something, i want to ask about it. but being a girl, asking even one question is often taken as permission for men i approach to take over, to ignore and direct me, to no longer treat me as a professional. i can’t ever slip up, i can’t ever ask questions, i need to know…

<3 mitski

i know yall are the coolest busiest hardworkin guys but ... when can we expect to be blasting some physical (or digi) DOWNIES shyt?

i’ve been wondering the same thing doggie


holy heck Mitski 4ever and ever and ever and ever and EVER